These Brand Logos Were Just Replaced With Calorie Counts — Sadness, Commence!

You know what I love to do? Pretend that chocolate bars are healthy and convince myself that mashed potatoes are just as good as ab workouts.

My entire culinary life is a lie, and I live it proudly. (No I don’t.) While I’ve never been one to count calories, flipping that big ol’ bag of chips over and seeing all those nutrition facts is sometimes inevitable.

This graphic designer’s latest project called “Calorie Brands” rips our blissfully ignorant security blankets away by making recognizable food brands into symbols of edible sadness and changing logos into depressingly large numbers. I’ll give you one guess as to what those numbers represent.

Every little piece of fresh Hell lets us know how many calories are in the foods we love that clearly don’t love us back.

Keep in mind that these indicate the total calories in each item and not the calories in each serving.

That information does not soften the blow.

Hello darkness, my old friend.

It’s a sad day when your comfort foods become uncomfortable.

I won’t stand for this madness.

Ah, good. Now I can’t even drink my sorrows away.

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