Teen Starts Gaining Weight To Play Football. Years Later, He Realizes He Weighs Over 400 Pounds

It’s no secret that our size depends on what we eat and how much we exercise. Pounds can pile on if we don’t have a healthy and balanced diet, and unfortunately, it’s how a Jordan Grahm’s size ballooned as a teen.

Jordan says that he always used to carry a little extra weight as a kid. When he entered high school, he was recruited as a football player in a position where he could use his weight as an advantage. The coach told him he needed to eat more, and he did.

Then his mother died unexpectedly, and he turned to food for comfort. Before Jordanknew it, he reached 420 pounds and couldn’t walk up a small flight of stairs without gasping for air.

Acar crash totally changed his outlook on life and made him change his ways. He survived and believed it was a sign from his mother. He found the courage to turn his life around by walking one mile every day, to start.

Soon, one mile turned into four. Then he started jogging. The pounds melted off in no time!

But his transformation wasn’t complete: he took up powerlifting, and within months, his body totally transformed.

You can watch the clip to see what Jordan looks like now!

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