Principal Competes In Marathons, But He Asks Student Who Cant Run To Race With Him In 5K

Being able to compete in marathonsor other active events is so exhilarating.

They help you set meaningful goals, get outside, and participate ina big group endeavor all while getting endorphin-releasing exercise!

Many of these events,like the New York City Marathon, even have fun themes or charitable causes connected to them, making participating even more fun.

But because of different circumstances, some people are unable to easily run a raceon their own.

Thanks toAinsley’s Angels and people likeVincent Myers, more people, children in particular, are being included in these fun runs.

Vincent is an adamant marathoner who is also the principal at End Memorial Elementary in Woodbury, New Jersey.

While in search of another event to compete in, Ainsley’s Angels, a nonprofit that helps children of all abilitiescompetein races, approached him and asked if he was interested in pushing anyone in an upcoming 5K.

And he knew just who to ask:10-year-old Andrew Sylvester, a student at his school.

Vincent offered to push Andrew, who is on the autism spectrum, throughout the race, ensuring that he got to be part of a fun marathontailored just for him some of hisfriends even signed up to run alongside!

Check below to learn more about this amazing race and the principal’s kind offer.

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