Nike Just Made So Much Fun Of Your Internet Habits, You’ll Actually Work Out

“This commercial is just one minute of the 10 hours a day you spend glued to your screens,” a Siri-esque voice says in Nike’s hilarious new “Time is Precious” campaign.

The short but scorching spots take aim at the amount of time we waste cruising the internet  time, according to Nike, that could be spent running

Our time-sucking internet habits become way more embarrassing when described out loud as the ads list a slew of things we’re all are guilty of doing. Who hasn’t endlessly scrolled through photos of dogs and babies; read countless posts from friends, friends of friends and strangers; wondered if an image was a labradoodle or fried chicken; or, even more likely, shared an opinion about something on social media? 

“Opinion about a thing. Hashtag about the opinion. Opinions about the opinion. A hashtag about the hashtag. Seven different consecutive hashtags about the opinion,” one ad says, adding, “You just won back 30 minutes to run.”

Too. Freaking. #Real. 

The ads arrived conveniently around the time people start making New Year’s resolutions to get in better shape, but any time of year is the right time to start running. You might be convinced by the mental and physical health benefits alone, or the fact you don’t really even have to do too much of it to reap the benefits. If these ads aren’t quite the boost you need to just do it, perhaps these tips from runners will be.  

Check out more of the LOL-worthy videos below.

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