Mom Spends 14 Years Trying To Get Fit, It Finally Pays Off With 112-Pound Weight Loss

Maritza Willis is your typicalbusy working mom, wife, and woman. But, working while caring for your home, three kids, and husband, many will understand how she might lose sight of taking care of herself.

And in 2002, Maritza realizedthat she really needed a change. She was nearing 300 poundsand decided to get her stomach stapled in hopes to lose weight and keep it off.

But, the opposite happened. She ended up gaining more than she lost very soon after the surgery, because although the surgery may have been successful, her lifestyle didn’t change afterward.

So, once again we’re shown that many times, the quick fixes don’t work. Maritza is living proof that in order to make a big change, you need to put in a lot of time and effort.

She’s now down 112 poundsand is happier and healthier than ever. All because of serious efforts in changing her eating habits, and her lifestyle habits too. She’d eat right, and workout every day. But, she wouldn’t deprive herself either!

Everyone has to find their balance but, Maritza changed her appearance with three very important tips in mind, take a listen below and try to implement them in your life too!

Everyone deserves to live the happiest and healthiest life they possibly can, Maritza took control and now she looks and feels great!You should be next.

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