Mom Says She Is Too Big To Play With Her Kids, So She Transforms To Be Their Role Model

Mother of four Judith Pallanza from Camden, England, was happy and carefree during her honeymoon. But when shelooked back at the photographs, she says she was “horrified” by what she saw in them. Judith noticed she had gained a ton of weight since giving birth to her twins and son.

“I didnt bat an eye at waltzing down the aisle wearing a size 28 wedding gown. I was just happy to be getting married,” she said. “But when I saw a photo of me on the beach on honeymoon, I was horrified. I weighed 150 kilos [330 pounds] and looked like a beach ball.”

Judith went to a doctor to reconcile the situation, and the doctor prescribed her appetite suppressants. She quickly dropped 88 pounds, but when the pills were taken off the market because of their serious side effects, Judith’s appetite quickly came back. Then the weight returned.

The mother realized that the only way to keep the weight off was with healthy eating habits and exercise. After receiving gastric sleeve surgery, the mother devoted herself to a healthy lifestyle.

Since then, Judith has lost 154 pounds.

“My whole adult life I have been big and its always got me down, especially when I had kids as I struggled to run around after them,” she said. “I tried dieting but was constantly up and down. It was at my heaviest of 150 kilos when a photo of me by the beach in Fiji on my honeymoon, made me realize how bad my weight had got.”

Judith required surgery to have her excess skin removed, but is now exercising frequently and is happier than ever. Now she is the mother she always hoped to be.

“Losing 70 kilos has changed my life and Im so happy I can finally be a good role model for my kids, especially as Ive recently split from my husband,” she said. “Best of all, Ive finally beaten my addiction to food.”

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