Man Leaves His House For Less Than A Minute, Then Returns To Find Stranger Crouched In His Kitchen

Can you imagine leaving your house to run a very quick errand, only to come back and find a complete stranger inside?

It’s something no one wants to imagine, but it happens more often than we’d like to admit.

For Mark Simon, this scary situation happened recently. The Dallas, TX, resident stepped out for just a minute, only to return tofind a stranger crouched over in his kitchen.

The alleged thief, who remains unnamed and has yet to be charged by police, had a backpack full of Mark’s things. Nearly $1,000 worth of electronics!

Mark had been running an errand with a friend when he came back to find thestranger, whom they snapped photos of while waiting for police.

Unfortunately, the man escaped before police arrived. But whenMark was being interviewed about the near-robbery, the alleged thief was caught on camera again by the news crew!

He could not be arrested, as there was not enough probable cause, but Mark is still sharing his story to warn others about the risks of robbery.

Mark’s door has an automatic lock that closes within oneminute of use. But now Mark plans to beef up his security so this never happens again. You should be careful too!

If you’re happy Mark was able to confront his robber, you’ll love this story about acashier stealing a gunand turning the tables on an armed robber!

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