Man Hits Record For Bruno Mars Fitness Video, Then His 66-Year-Old Grandma Masters The Moves

Caleb, aka “The Fitness Marshall,” was ready to introduce his fans and followers to another energetic dance fitness routine. For this performance, he chose the song “Perm” by Bruno Mars, and selected a very special dancer to join him.

Caleb’s beloved grandma was set to be a featured talent in his Christmas video.

He explains, “My grandmother has supported and encouraged me to reach for the stars since I was a kid. She’s the one who initially inspired me to live a healthy happy life. I remember I would come over to her house and she would put on La Toya Jacksons step workout and we would have the time of our lives following along together.”

He adds: “Fast forward 15 years and she is just as vibrant, supportive, and adventurous as she was back then. When I started teaching my own cardio dance classes in my hometown fiveyears ago, she was always there keeping up with the 20-year-olds even though shes never danced a day in her life! She was my number one fan before I had a fan. And she is 66.”

In the video below, posted on December 31, 2016, the Fitness Marshall rolls two young women and his dancing grandma into frame on a black flatbed cart.

The music starts and he screams, “Santa’s little helpers here to spread some holiday cheer!”

As they begin their choreography, his dancing grandma picks up the pace and really proves she can master all the moves. Check out this insanely adorable fitness dance in the video below.

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