Khlo Kardashian Reveals How She Deals With Stress During The Holidays!

Khlo Kardashian wants you to take a chill pill!

With busy shopping malls and crazy family gatherings, the holidays can be an EXTREMELY stressful time for all of us. Luckily, the KUWTK star offers tips to keep your sanity!

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Recently, the tall diva wrote a blog entry on her website where she gives advice on how to unwind after Christmas madness. She wrote:

“The holidays can be just as stressful as they are fun. Sometimes you need to relax and unwind! This is how I de-stress during the holidays and throughout the entire year so that I feel my best.”

Not surprisingly, the 32-year-old loves to work out her worries away!

“Working out is my #1 stress reliever! It gets those endorphins flowin’, honey!”

Although she has a big family, Miz Kardashian enjoys quality time with herself!

“I’m someone that needs alone time to unwind. I’m big on bubble baths. I’m really fortunate to have a TV in my bathroom so I’ll take a bath and watch Real Housewives or something that takes my mind away from whatever is bothering me. Then when I’m out of the bath, I’m good. I think everyone needs alone time every once in a while.”

Khlo also encourages her followers to listen to their favorite tunes!

“I think music is a great way to de-stress because it’s such a good mood changer. If you’re in a sad mood and listen to sad music, I think you’ll get more sad. (Sometimes you need a good cry, though!)”

And always remember to have a good night of sleep!

“I’m a really bad sleeper normally because I’m an overthinker and can’t shut off. I’ve been sleeping better these days but I still don’t sleep enough. I used to be stressed about so many other things and worried at night. I think now that my life is a little less toxic, it’s easier for me to sleep. I used to take Zzzquil or other sleep medicines all the time. Now I take melatonin if I need to but I like to train my body not to rely on it. You need to get a good night’s sleep in order to be less stressed in life!”

But sometimes, you just have to unplug from all of your electronic devices!

“My phone goes on silent every night. If someone who knows me needs me, they have my house phone number to call me on. I always turn my phone over so I can’t even see it go off at night. I trained myself to do that. But, if I’m bored, I’ll still go on my phone. It’s such a bad habit that I recommend breaking if you want to get a good night’s sleep!”

Khlo offers the BEST advice!

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