Husky Perches In Back Seat But Completely Freaks Out When Mom Says Theyre At The Dog Park

If there’s one thing dogs love to do, it’s play. In fact, that’s probably what sparkedthe invention of the dog park.

These open areas are like recreational centers for canines. They’re the best place for dogs to socialize, do their business, and get in some exercise while the day is still young.

In the video below, posted on February 22, 2017, aSiberian husky named Mishka has a huge reaction in the car when her owner tells her they’re heading to the dog park.

The large dog is staring outside her window as something catches her eye. As they take a break from cruising along, the energetic dog’sowner asks her, “Mishka, is that the dog park?”

Instantly, Mishka jumps up and cries with a raspy squeal. She can’t contain her excitement for the day ahead, her squeaky voice howlingincessantly.

“Oh, I see it,” the owner tempts her husky further.

Mishka quickly hops over the row of seats in front of her and moves closer to her owner, still crying and screeching. She sees the car getting closer and closer to the dog park and she just can’t take it anymore. She dips her head next to the passenger’s seat, looking for a better view of her future oasis.

Have your pets every reacted like this before? Let us know in the comments and make sure to watch the entire video below to see all of Mishka’s antics.

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