Husbands College Wardrobe And Ratty Shoes Get Thrown Out For A Wife-Approved Makeover

When it comes to men, appearance isn’t usually their top priority.

Fashion and glamor are more a part of a woman’s world, in most cases that is.

So sometimes, as men grow up, they need a bit of help in the wardrobe department.

Oddly enough, the man with the seemingly childish wardrobe in the video below has a significant other who got trapped in this dated clothing style with him, and theyboth got much-needed makeovers!

Kristen called her husband out for his ratty shoes and college-like wardrobe. And while she may not be wearing ratty shoes, she definitely could retire her flashy Adidas jogging pants for a regular day out.

Thankfully, the two of them go for the transformation opportunity without hesitation, and the results are clearly so worth it!

On live TV, when their new looks are revealed, Troy looks like a burly Justin Timberlake, and Kristen looks like a fabulous and fashionable new woman!

Once again, the makeover magiciansand talented stylists provide smiling faces and a boost of confidence!

I’ll never get enough of these “before and after” pictures. Their giddy reactions meanthey can’t get enough either!

Do you like their new looks? Let us know in the comments!

I think their comfortable old possessions found perfect replacements.

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