How To Pick The Right Sports Bra For Your Boob Size

Your boobs need your full support and attention, especially when you want them to meet your Bumble match.

When we’re working out though, we’re looking for a different kind of attention. How many times have you squatted your ass down, only to realize your boobs are sore from excessive bouncing? Or when your sports bra supports your breasts for a low-intensity class, but not a high one.

Whether you’re spinning four times a week or training for a half marathon, a sports bra that provides full coverage, back support and some extra oomph is a necessity in life.

The thing is, all sports bras aren’t created equal. Seriously, brasare so unassuming it’s hard to gauge which garment will keep your chest from spilling out.

In an effort to find a bra just right, we wrangled up a handful of willing testers to try out a variety of sports bras in the hopes of guiding you in the right direction.

When you need support but you’re basicallybare-chested:

Alpine Bra, Lol, $55

Tester’s bra size: 34B/medium
Common problem: The band is either too tight and leaves me with bad line imprints or too flimsy. And that’s saying a lot, considering I don’t have tits.
Support: This bra was super comfortable and supportive. The only tricky part was the two hooks in the back. It was hard to adjust it by myself.
Best feature: Thecups inside the brawere basically shelves for my tits.

Pro Classic Bra,Nike, $30

Tester’s bra size: 34B/medium
Common problem: My side boob, near my pits, has a mind of its own. I can never find a bra that’s tight enough to support, but also covers my frontal fully.
Support: It’s snug but not suffocating, which is a win in and of itself. Plus, I’ve got more coverage than State Farm.
Best feature: It has no fuss or frills, so I can slip it on without trouble and everything stays in place.

When your boobs hang low or completely take over:

Urban Strappy Bra,Mossimo Supply Co., $10

Tester’s bra size: 34C/small
Common Problem: I have super saggy boobs.
Support: The bra was really pretty and had a great design, but it wasn’t super supportive. It was definitely a run errands and watch TV type of sports bra, not a gym one.
Best feature:Theadjustable strap and thicker materialis perfect for any gym bra.

Urban Strappy Bra,Mossimo Supply Co.,$10

Tester’s bra size: 34C/small
Common problem:The usual “big boobs, small frame” conundrum. I’m a medium/large in bras, but sometimes they are too large over the shoulders. Smalls tend to be too tight around the back, but the straps fit well.
Support: I received pretty good support. Best activity while wearing it? Probably yoga.
Best feature:I could’vegone up a size in the bra since it was a small. But because of the style in the back, I don’t think a larger size would have fit around my frame as well.

When you need extra support but don’t want a uni-boob:

Alpine Bra,Lol ,$55

Tester’s bra size: 36D/small
Common problem: There’s never enough support and I’m forced to wear a second bra underneath. Other times, the padding makes me lookJessica Rabbit.
Support:I could wear it without wearing a regular bra under it, so I loved!
Best feature: It was tight enough that it made me feel comfortable jumping around in it. And even though the straps were too thick and there was a lot of padding, the bra was still lightweight.

Zaha Bra,Lol, $75

Tester’s bra size: 34DD/medium
Common problem: I often don’t get enough support from my sports bras. I need my girls to be secure!
Support: The sports bra I tried had medium support. I’d wear it to a class with minimal jumping or running.
Best feature:Girls with big tatas never get to wear the pretty bras, so the strappy back was a major plus. Also, it fit like a flattering crop top and really held up my underboob like a champ.

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