Energetic Baby Snaps Up From Bouncer As If Shes Mimicking Moms Workout Video

Have you ever seen a baby do an ab workout? Probably not, considering that for babiesit’s actuallymoreattractive tohave more chub on theiradorable bodies.

Aren’t those babies lucky? As we grow up in this world, why is it that we get more expectations ofour bodies? If we come out of the womb like chubby little roly-polies, why is it not acceptable to stay that way forever?

Someone should really help us reevaluate that. But in the meantime, we can all enjoy and laugh at this crazy energetic baby that might just be an Olympic athlete one day.

As Mom starts to record her adorable babies relaxing in their bouncers in front of the TV, one of them starts to go a little bit crazy. She bounces back and forth and doesn’t stop!

It’s as if she’s a little energizer bunny imitating her mom’s workout tape,and she is super entranced by whatever it is on TV.

Whatever it is she’s doing this for, this baby is excited about something.I want to get on her level of energy too! Don’t you?

Let us know what you think this baby is watching in the comments below!

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