Eight Reasons Why Swimming Is Amazing For Your Body

Ive never been a very athletic person, but, like everyone, Ive been told by my doctor how important exercise is for whole-body health.

Thats why Im always on the lookout for ways to be active that are fun, comfortable, and low-pressure.

I may not be up for an hour or two doing squats and lunges at the gym, but a heart-pumping dance class or a nice relaxing yoga session? Sign me up!

In fact, I almost always go for activities that are entertaining and pretty easy on the joints and muscles, while still offering all of the lifestyle benefits of hitting the gym.

If that sounds like your kind of goal, it may be time to consider skipping the gym or the jogging path entirely, and hitting the pool instead!

Many doctors agree that swimming is among the best whole-body workouts around. According to WebMD, its a great aerobic and total body-strengthening workout.

Check out the gallery below to learn about all of the awesome benefits of taking up swimming!


Swimming Benefit #1: Lower Risk Of Fall


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Did you know that once you reach the age of 65, your chance of a serious fall increases every year?

Aging naturally increases your chances of falling, but taking up swimming can help mitigate the effects, according to an Australian study.

Other forms of exercise offer many health benefits, but only swimming is linked to reduced risk of a dangerous fall in old age.

Researchers speculate that it may have something to do with the balance and coordination that swimming fosters.

Swimming Benefit #2: Better Heart Health


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The key ingredient to good heart health is a consistent cardio workout.

To keep your heart healthy, you need to getyour blood pumping and your heart rate up.

Swimming is a great option, especially for people who don’t like the feeling of running, or can’t run due to injury or illness.

Hitting the pool gets your blood moving, while keeping you refreshed and comfortable.

Swimming Benefit #3: It Taps Into Your Social Needs


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Some people are social exercisers, who like to have friends around for moral support, while others prefer to spend their workout time alone.

Swimming is the perfect activity for both types, and people who change their preference depending on the day.

You can have a solitary experience by booking time to swim laps, or a social experience by joining a water aerobics class, and switch depending on your mood.

For adults who are retired, time at the pool can add valuable structure and socialization to the daily routine.

Swimming Benefit #4: It’s Easy On The Joints


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Swimming is often cited as the best possible exercise for aching joints, because the buoyancy of the water relieves the pressure of gravity on sore spots.

Whether you have sore joints from arthritis, normal wear and tear, or a specific trigger like pregnancy, floating in the water can be deeply relaxing, while still providing the exercise benefits you need.

And if you need to work your way up toswimming laps, Arthritis.orgactually recommends walking in the shallow end rather than on dry land.

Swimming Benefit #5: It Props Up Your Posture


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In this technology-focused age, all of us tend to get a little hunched from sitting in front of a computer or scrolling through our phones.

Of course, it’s also something that affects us as we age, as the spine compresses and bones become a bit more fragile.

Swimming is a great way to counteract the downward drag.

Not only does the loss of gravity temporarily relax and straighten the spine, cumulative time spent weightless stretches the spine back out!

Swimming Benefit #6: It’s Relaxing


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There’s something undeniably soothing about floating in the water.

Some of this can be chalked up to the near-magical absence of some of our most aggravating aches and pains.

Other aspects of it are less well known; it may just be that our brainsfind the repetitive nature of the process meditative.

So next time you’re feeling stressed, grab a floatie or two and hop into the pool to soak it all away!

Swimming Benefit #7: Your Flexibility Improves


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Flexibility is one of those things that often seems like the realm of the very young.

Fortunately, it’s often not as unattainable as it seems.

If touching your toes sounds like a foreign concept to you, it might be time to try swimming and floating.

The action stretches out and relaxes tightly coiled muscles and tense ligaments to limber up your whole frame.

Swimming Benefit #8: You’ll Get Stronger


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It’s pretty much impossible to maintain muscle strength and tone without weekly exercise.

Swimming is a great solution because it targets just about every major muscle group in one fell swoop.

As a result, you can seriously improveyour legs, buns, arms, and core into shape with less than three hours of exercise a week!

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