Doctor Stretches Green Rubber Band To Show How Easy And Inexpensive It Is To Work Out Anywhere

What is the one thing that stops you from working out as often as you’d like?

Do you have an injury? Do you travel often? Or is the gym just too expensive for you to pay a monthly fee?

Whatever it may be keeping you from getting in all the workouts you’d like, maybe it is time to consider a cheap, easy option!

On an episode of Rachael Ray, the TV host had on Dr. Travis Storkfrom The Doctorsto discuss heart health and other options for a healthy life.

In the clip below, Dr. Stork offers an option for people who either travel too much or can’t make it to the gym. It requires just one workout tool that is incredibly inexpensive!

Using resistance bands, you can get donumerous different workouts and stretches. In the video, you can see all the options the doctor demonstrates to see what will work best for you!

If you found this helpful, you’ll also be happy to know that owning a pet can make you healthier, as it can reduce your blood pressure and can surprisingly help alleviate allergy and asthma problems.

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