Bodybuilder Notices One Hand Swelling, But Doctor Tells Her Its Not An Allergic Reaction

When you receive bad and potentially life-threatening news, it can feel like your world is forever changed and that you’ll never have a proper hold on life as you knew it again.

But despite getting horrible news about her health, 23-year-oldAlexis Mercer was determined to keep her life as balanced as possible by continuing to do what she loved.

An adamant bodybuilder, she had a rigid gym regimen and regularly participated in competitions.

But while she was on a boating trip with her family, she noticed that her left hand had swelled up and was slightly discolored.

So she made an appointment with her doctor who had to deliver the terrible news: she hadHodgkin’s lymphoma and that thetumor on her chest was constricting blood flow, causing her hand to swell.

The news was surely no small pill to swallow, but she was still determined to keep up with her workout regimen as much as she could.

“Being at the gym and working out that’s one of my top priorities,” she said to Inside Edition. “I consulted with my doctor as soon as I found out about the cancer and she gave me the go-ahead.”

So she continued her time and the gym and worked out past her chemo treatments, ever eager to get back to competing and the life she had before.

Her story is an inspiring reminder to pursue what you love doing even in the face of adversity learn more about her journey below and don’t forget to SHARE with friends and family on Facebook.

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