5 New Years resolutions made better with proper lighting

Its that time of year when you resolve to reinvent every aspect of your life.

Every January you reflect on the past and look toward the future with hope, dreaming up all the things you will do differently, finally begin or just get better at in the 12 months to come.

The thing about New Years resolutions, though, is that while theyre easy to make, theyre sometimes hard to keep.

We could all use a boost to help transform our goals into reality. Turns out, all you really need to make your resolutions come true is a bit of dedication, a pinch of commitment and the proper lighting.

With so many options on the market though, it can be a challenge to make the right choice.

In fact, in a recent consumer research survey, Philips Lighting found that only 2 in 5 (40 percent) of consumers say they know exactly what light bulb they need before making a purchase.

Philips SceneSwitch LED is a unique light bulb range designed to make your home work a little harder for you, creating a flexibility that affects everything you do from getting fit to cooking to tackling that new hobby.

Each bulb comes with three light settings, all captured within the same LED bulb. They work with the lamps you already have and require no installation. Just simply screw it into the socket and youre done.

A simple flick of the switch is all it takes to move from one light to the next, making it easier than ever to find just the right light for whatever youre doing no dimmer required.

Read on to learn how to tackle some of the most popular resolutions topping everyones lists for 2017 and discover how having the right light can help make your future plans just a little bit brighter.

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Get in shape

In the dark winter months, finding the motivation to get up and hit the gym is a challenge. No one really wants to get up in the dark never mind put on workout clothes. With Philips SceneSwitch LED, you can ease into the day by choosing the lowest light a cozy, warm glow when you first wake up and then working your way to the energizing daylight setting. Instant inspiration.

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When the clock strikes midnight, some people resolve to finally tackle that pile of books sitting on their nightstand. Though many may think that finding the time to read is whats standing in their way, its could also have a little something to do with the lighting in their home. Philips found that some 44% of people prefer a functional soft white light to fill the room while theyre reading. So if your bulbs are too bright or too soft, its probably not the most comfortable reading light. Philips SceneSwitch LED allows you to easily go from soft white, to daylight to a warm glow, so finding the light thats just right for you is easy. Chapter One: Its go time.

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Learn a new pastime

Whether its knitting, woodworking or mastering the art of souffl making, new hobbies in the New Year are a great idea. Its the perfect time to start fresh and learn something different. But not every endeavor requires the same kind of light. A warm glow light would be great for spending more time with the one you love with a weekly date night while soft white is ideal for a family game night. Different lighting options means everyone in the family can take on a new pursuit and still have access to the right kind of lighting that they need.

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Save more, spend less

Sticking to a budget, eliminating debt and contributing to a savings plan is a smart resolution for the New Year. Resolve to get organized by sitting at a desk or even the kitchen table and working on your financial plan. The daylight option on the Philips SceneSwitch LED bulb is an energizing light than can help you concentrate on building your New Years budget.

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Redecorate your space

January is a perfect time for a fresh start. Rearrange the furniture into a new configuration, get a couple throw pillows and reinvigorate your home decor. Changing out your bulbs is also a great way to brighten up any space no heavy lifting required. Go for the soft white setting to look at your home in a whole new light.

Set the scene for self-improvement this January and resolve to have a better and brighter year than the one before simply by making the switch.

The right light is everything.

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