5 Moves To Burn Off Your Thanksgiving Calories

So you spent this weekend eating nine slices of your mom’s pumpkin pie and drinking a liter of tequila to avoid your relatives. No need to hate yourself or depressingly stalk your bikini pics from last spring break. You may have gained a couple pounds after your third helping of stuffing, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed if you’re willing to put in some work and sweat it out this week.

This workout is quick, efficient and totally doable without a gym or any equipment around. Do these five cardio moves for 45 seconds each, then repeat the circuit three times. Youll prob get sweaty AF and wish you were dead, but you’ll thank us when you can start wearing crop tops again.

1. Jump Squats
Regular squats make your butt look amazing, so jump squats take this move to the next level by getting your heart rate up. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Start by doing a regular squat, then jump up explosively. Land back into your squat position and then keep going. The lower you get in your squat, the more effective the move will be.

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