39 fun ways to kill your boredom

Boredom has a tendency to squelch creativity, leaving you stuck in a rut and staring into space.

If you need a little help in jumpstarting a dull day at home, weve got a list for you to try of things to do when youre bored out of your gourd.

1) Run from zombies

Alternately looking at the four walls of your house can get pretty tiring. Take a walk outside and get some fresh air. If youd like to do more, go for a short (or long) hike and enjoy nature. If you want added excitement, give the app Zombies, Run!a whirl.It transforms your walk, jog, or run into a mission to save the humanity from a zombie apocalypse.

If you dont feel like listening to a trainer, then opt for something simple and accomplish 100 jumping jacks. If youre feeling energetic, follow it up with a full-on calisthenics workout.

3) Clean the house

If youve got carpet, do some vacuuming, and if its hardwood, sweep the floor and maybe polish it as well. Make an effort today and ensure that all beds in the house are made up. Do the dishes (or run the dishwasher). Do and fold the laundry. Mow the lawn, and if theres a layer of snow, shovel it.

Make sure you list all your chores using the best to-do list apps on Android(some of them are also available for iOS). Ticking every accomplished task off your queue will give you the satisfaction as well as the drive to do more.

You can check YouTube for arrangement how-to videos or Pinterest for design inspiration.


5) Give your closet a makeover

Sort through your wardrobe and get rid of clothes you havent worn in over six months. Organize more efficiently by downloading a wardrobe app like Stylebook.

Additionally, pick items you think you can sell and donate the rest to charity. This activity will help you feel good inside as well as create space in your cabinet for new apparel.

6) Eat, drink, and be merry

Prepare a meal and try a new recipe or reinvent one you already know by heart. If you prefer to use food items you already have on hand, Supercook is a cool website that generates recipes according to what’s already available so you don’t have to go on a supermarket run.


Better yet, order food to be delivered to your house. Feel free to splurge!


7) Do some gardening

Get down on your knees and feel the earth with your hands. Pull out the weeds and plant some pretty flowers.

If its too wintery/cold/dreary where you are, do either of the following: Shovel the snow or lay in it and make snow angels.

8) Finish a puzzle

Do a crossword or try out Sudoku. Try to do both without peaking at the answer page. If you prefer clicking or tapping, download a crossword or Sudoku app on your device for the same effect.

9) Reconnect with your inner bookworm

Read that novel youve always been meaning to read. Plus points if its more than 500 pages or is part of a book series.


If you prefer to read something completely new, check out Goodreads for some recommendations.

10) Get to know the country you live in

Try to recreate the U.S. map by drawing it on paper and labeling the states. If you dont know where the places are located, today seems like a good day like any to find that out.

And of course, as always,there’s an app for that.

11) Watch something educational


Netflix has a slew of programs you can choose from like Bill Nye the Science Guy or Iron Chef America. (Youd be surprised to know how much you can learn from cooking competition shows.)

12) Read the news

Plus points if you read an actual newspaper, but if you dont have one handy, browsing the Web will do.

13) Explore Wikipedia

You can learn so many things from the main page alone, but itd be a lot cooler to use the sites random page tool. Challenge yourself by reading and clicking the link for at least an hour.

14) Shop online for bargains

Amazon and eBay are both quick and easy stops to make for nothing specific, but feel free to check out specialty stores as well for daily deals and special discounts.


Check out your favorite brand of clothing, shoes, makeup, gadgets, and whatever else you can think of. You can pretty much buy anything online these days even fancy cheese!

15) Make a listany list

Jot down the things you need to buy at the supermarket. Take note of the tasks you need to accomplish each day this week. If you feel like it, stretch out your to-dos to cover every month of this year. Again, there are apps for that.

19) Improve your Instagram game

Look up a photo a day challenge list online and take photos with your phone. Feel free to download and use Instagram companion apps.

20) Take up the art of paper folding

23) Take a nap

Sometimes, the best solution is the simplest one.

24) Create a vision board for the year

Unleash your creativity and create a scrapbook of goals that you can hang on your wall. Use all sorts of coloring materials and old magazines for picture cut-outs.

Don’t forget to share it on social media.

25) Write, write, write

Start with something easy, like a poem. If youre musically inclined, try composing a song and singing it out loud. If youve got the gift of the quill, create a short story or a play. (The last one is especially recommended if youve got people around you to act out the roles.)

Having a hard time getting started? Check out writing prompt apps and websitesto get the creative juices flowing.

26) Go on a chick flick binge

See how many it takes to make you cry. Check out our rom-com roundup from last year.

27) Listen to music

Create a music playlist or two. Pick multiple themes and have at least 30 songs per mix. Then have a dance party and play your lists on full volume.

29) Write handwritten letters to your friends

Practice calligraphy or writing in cursive while youre at it.


30) Embrace your body

Hang out naked in your home for an hour or two. See what it feels like. (You probably shouldn’t take selfies during this time.)

31) Pick a TV show to binge

Opt for shows that have already concluded, like Friends, House, Dexter, The Office, or Gilmore Girls.

32) Reconnect with an old acquaintance

Pick a Facebook friend you havent spoken to in months and initiate a catch-up chat. If youre not feeling particularly chatty, cull your Facebook friends list instead and unfriend contacts who havent spoken to you in years. (They probably wont notice and besides, itll help make your newsfeed run better.)

33) Clean up your Facebook account

While youre cleansing your friends list, go through your old photos and status updates and delete anything incriminating or anything that makes you cringe so it doesnt show up under the On This Day feature.

34) Look up your family tree

Finding out about scandalous family members from earlier centuries and your ancestry could be fun.

35) Bake a bunch of desserts

Then feel absolutely zero guilt over eating all of it by yourself.


For a quick and easy source for instant treats, head to YouTube or follow Tip Hero on Facebook.

36) Watch funny videos on YouTube

YouTube is a rabbit hole, so expect to blow hours browsing through tons of hilarious clips.

37) Write yourself an email to receive in the future

Just do it.

38) Sit on your porch with a hot beverage and watch the sunset

Take a moment to meditate and feel the peace and gratitude wash over you.

39) Invite people over for a hang-out at your house

Nothing beats boredom than having other people to experience it with. Make it an impromptu party and call for a potluck.


Illustration via Max Fleishman

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