30 practical gifts everyone secretly wants

Gift giving can be a fun excuse to get a friend a wacky or lavish gift they wouldn’t normally buy.

However, it can also be an excuse to give them something more practical that they’d never get around to buying. Because everyone secretly loves boring stuff.

Here are 30 boring, practical gifts that everybody could use.

1. All Purpose Kitchen Knife

Image: amazon

Price: $10.99

2. Rainbow Sharpies

Image: amazon

Price: $12.00

3. A Fresh Pair of Shoelaces

Image: amazon

Price: $5.79

4. Planner

Image: etsy

Price: $20.00

5. Heated Blanket

Image: amazon

Price: $49.99

6. Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Price: Varying

7. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Image: amazon

Price: $6.47 for eight

8. Squatty Potty

Price: $29.99

9. Noise Canceling Headphones

Image: amazon

Price: $111.00

10. Tweezerman Tweezers

Image: amazon

Price: $21.99

11. Fold Up Rain Jacket

Image: REI

Price: $38.83 – $69.95

12. Pack of Six White Undershirts

Price: $14.98 for a pack of six

13. Moleskine Classic Notebook

Image: amazon

Price: $14.63

14. Smartwool Socks

Image: amazon

Price $18.95

15. Long Phone Charging Cord

Image: amazon

Price: $9.85

16. Foldaway Step Stool

Image: amazon

Price: $15.99

17. Uber Gift Card

Image: uber

Price: Varying

18. Contigo Reusable Water Bottle

Image: amazon

Price: $9.97

19. Selection of Kind Bars

Image: target

Price: $4.99 for four

20. Laptop Case

Image: amazon

Price: $39.90

21. A Fancy, Grown-Up Pen

Image: amazon

Price: $13.05

22. HDMI Cord

Image: amazon

Price: $6.99

23. Basket Full of Medicines

Image: amazon

Price: $9.99

Every adult should have Advil, Tums, sleeping pills, pepto bismol and Emergen-C on hand.

24. Herschel Backpack

Image: herschel

Price: $74.99

25. A Keychain That Will Actually Keep Your Keys Together

Image: kate spade

Price: $5.27

26. Deck of Cards

Image: amazon

Price: $5.27

27. Tea Pot

Image: etsy

Price: $18.00

28. Spoon Rest

Price: $5.99

29. Steripod Toothbrush Sanitizers

Image: walgreens

Price $19.99

30. Cute Safety Matches

Price: $12.00 or two for $20.00

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