19-Year-Old Bodybuilder Isnt Even 4 Feet Tall, But He Can Beat Men Twice His Size

Being strong does not always mean you can lift a lot of weight. Strength often comes from within.

But that is not to say that people who can persevere through life’s struggles can’t physically lift a lot of weight, though!

Caleb Mutumbo only stands at 3-feet-7-inches tall even though he is 19 years old. For his whole life, he’s grown at a much slower rate than his peers. When he was 14, he stopped growing altogether.

His condition is undiagnosed, but that hasn’t kept him from a life that he’s greatly enjoyed. When he was 12, he started lifting coffee tables for fun.

When he was 16, he took his love for weightlifting to the gym for the first time. He now trains 5 days a week at a gym in Johannesburg.

His love of fitness has grown even more, as he’s begun to participate in bodybuilder competitions, where he has beaten competitors that are twice his size. Caleb has said, I have come to realize that my disability is my ability to inspire.”

If you find this bodybuilder as a great motivator for getting through life’s challenges, you’ll also be so in awe of the world’s oldest female bodybuilder, an 80-year-old woman.

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