13 Absolutely Crazy Excuses People Have Actually Given For Running Late

I woke up this morning feeling more refreshed than I usually do, especially as someone who is as grumpy in the morning as I tend to be. Then I realized something must be wrong and reached for my phone and confirmed my fear my alarm never went off and I was already super late for work.

Luckily, I knew my boss would be understanding when I messaged him as I rushed to get ready.

Unlike my mundane excuse, some folks have had real, but extremereasons they were delayed. Others have had to get a bit more creative when they’ve been caught running late, as you can see from the ridiculous examples below that they shared on Reddit.

Whether they were heading to class or their job, some folksapparently decided to make the most of it with their silly stories once they arrived. Some excuses are actually pretty genius, while others just raise more questions. The true ones might even be the most bizarre of all!

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1. Out Of Line


“I was always late for classes in high school and college. I’d usually just say, ‘sorry, there was a long line,’and then sit down.

“I was only asked once what there was a long line for. I said the zoo.” NatKingCobra

2. Phone Glitch


“One time I was running a bit late for work, so I set the time on my phone so that I was still on time based on my clock. I just walked in acting as if I was on time, and acted confused and showed my phone clock when I was told I was late.” RandomAmpersand

3. Family Planning


“‘My wife is ovulating and we’re trying to have another kid.’ No one ever questions it.” gsxr

4. Helpful Friend


“When they were in high school, my father’s friend said that he was late to music class because myfather had hemorrhoids and he had been walking him to school.

“Apparently the teacher bought it, because the next time she saw my father, she asked if he was feeling better.” errantdog

5. Moving Day


“This girl I used to work with showed up twohours late to the first day of her new job.Her excuse: ‘I just moved down here today.’

“Her full movingtruck was parked in the street. She drove from Indianapolis to Birmingham, AL the night before.” rotosound

6. Liar, Liar, Car On Fire


“Car fire on the freeway, and then Ishow them a saved picture on my phone of a car fire on the freeway that I passed one time.” Soss

7. Giddyup


“I went in class first and told my teacher: ‘Excuse me sir, my car didn’t start this morning so I had to use my horse to ride to the school and it collapsed at the parking lot.’ My teacher reacted like, ‘yeah yeah very funny, now sit down.’

“Some seconds later my friend went in and said: ‘Sorry sir, but there was a dead horse in the parking lot.’” Extrawelt

8. Moo-ve Along


“I’m going to be late, someone’s cows got out and they won’t get out of the road. I’m helping round them up and it may take awhile…” supkristin

9. Total Lockdown


“Cops locked my apartment complex down like Fort Knox. A suspect ran into the complex so pretty much every cop in Philly decided to setup camp outside until SWAT cleared every room.

“My boss didn’t believe me until I sent him a picture of the cranky fellow in full gear with an M4 standing right outside my window.” MosifD

10. Too Spicy


“I was almost ready to leave for work, showered, hair and makeup done, and I went to throw dinner in the crockpot, Buffalo chicken.

“Chicken was in, I went to shake the hot sauce up a little but the cap was already unscrewed sending hot sauce flying all over the kitchen, burningmy eyes and burning my skin. At least I had red welts all over my body for proof.” hallalotus

11. Construction Confusion


“I was hit by a crane on my way to work. I had only been at that company for a week, when I called they thought I said I was hit by a train and were shocked I was alive.

“When I finally got them to understand I said crane they all thought I meant a bird and didn’t understand why that was delaying my arrival to work. Finally when I got to work in my shiny rental car and explained further they understood that a gigantic piece of yellow machinery backed into me and demolished the front end of my car.” Reddit User

12. Persistent Visitor


“Not me, but a friend of mine who lives in Norway. They had to tell their boss that they were late because there was a moose outside their front door and it wouldn’t go away for almost an hour. Their boss was understanding.” SpaceCadet404

13. Doggone It


“Happened to my best friend she had a little Jack Russell terrier pup and an exercise ball in her room. She was in the bathroom getting ready for work and the dog somehow wedged the giant ball between her closed bathroom door, the adjoining wall, and her bookshelf.

“She could not open the door at all. Her cell phone was in her purse, out of the bathroom. Finally, her brother came home and let her out after he heard her yelling. She was over an hour late we worked together, and I was crying laughing for a solid 30 minutes.” y33haw

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