11 Things You Probably Never Knew About John Travolta

There have been a lot of heartthrobs who’ve graced the silver screen over the past few decades. However, some have shined just a little brighter than the rest.

John Travolta captured a lot of hearts in his day. While he’s off the market now, being a happily married man (the couple celebrate their 26th wedding anniversary in 2017), plenty of us may still consider him to be our earliest celebrity crush. Of course, wecan still look back at his past performancesand fall in love all over again!

Scroll through below for a look at11 facts you likely never knew about John before. He’s quite the interesting character! There isso much more going on beyond thefancy footwork he displayed inmovies likeGreaseandSaturday Night Fever.

Isn’t it always fun to learn more obscure facts about celebrities you’ve grown to know and love over the years? Let us know if we missed any John Travolta trivia in the comments.

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1. He Left High School Early To Become An Actor


John left school when he was 16 to pursue an acting career. He never finished his own formal education, but he’s played plenty of high school students, so I guess you could say it evens out. Obviously, things seemed to have worked out great for him!

2. John Didn’t Need A Stunt Double In “Urban Cowboy”


John had his very own mechanical bull installed in his home before filming the movie, and he got so good that he didn’t even need a stunt double for the sceneswhere he had to ride. Impressive!

3. He Had A Near-Death Piloting Experience


In 1992, John’splane experienced a total electrical failure. He is a licensed pilot and was flying with his family. He had to make an emergency landing in Washington, DC, and almost had a collision with a commercial craft during the descent.Fortunately, Johnwas able to save the day.

4. He Turned Down A Role In The Movie “Chicago”


Johnexpressed that one of his biggestregrets wasturning down a rolein the movieChicago.He saidthat he didn’t much care for the stage musical, but once he saw the film and how much heart it had, he’d wished he’d taken the offer. Richard Gere certainly won in this deal, as he got the part that John turned down.

5. He Likes His Coffee Super Duper Strong


This megastaruses a full half pound of a very strong blend to brew up his morning joe, and he’d have it no other way.

6. Princess Diana Named A Dress After Him


At an event at the White House, Princess Diana really wanted John to dance with her. He walked up to her at midnight and asked her for a dance. She laternamed the dress she wore on that night the “Travolta Dress.”

7. He Sang A Duet With Miley Cyrus


The 2009 animated movieBolthad a song on the soundtrack called “I Thought I Lost You,” featuring none other than Mr. John Travolta himself alongside country and pop sensation, Miley.

8. Tragedy Struck At A Young Age


While on the set ofThe Boy in the Plastic Bubble, John, 22, struck up a relationship with his co-star Diana Hyland, who was 18 years older than him at the time. She sadly died while they were dating, and filming forSaturday Night Feverhalted whilehe attended her funeral.

9. He Cherishes The Advice He Got From Marlon Brando


John saidthat some of the best advice he ever received was from Marlon Brando, and it wentas follows: “Dont expect things from people that they cant give you.” That’s some pretty solid advice.

10. He Has A Surprisingly Strong Love Of Mustard


When it comes to the fixings, John likes hot mustard the best. Between that and the strong cup of coffee, you can tell he’s all about the extremes!

11. “Saturday Night Fever” Was Quite The Sweaty Experience


While filming the climactic dance scene, John had to switch between two copies of the same exact suit because he’d sweat through each one of them so fast. One would dry off while he was busy sweating up the other one. Who can blame him? Dancing is a workout!

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