10 Tips From Grandma To Help Dingy, Tattered, And Faded Clothes Last Longer

One of my favorite things to pull out of thecloset every winteris the cozy flannel button-up I got for just 25 cents at a thrift store a few years ago. Obviously, it wasn’t in the best shape to start out with, but that’s what made it extra comfy!

After my own wear and tear, though, it’s definitely needed some patching up. I usually bug my mom to bust out her needle and thread and make quick work of any rips or holes that need mending, but I’m beginning to realize there are some things adults should really just know how to do for themselves rather than knocking on mom or grandma’s door.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t go to them to learn a thing or two first. It just makes sense to headto the source when it comes to fixing or sprucing up our clothes, instead of sayinggoodbye to thatfavorite item before we’re ready to let itgo.

Take a look and let us know if we missed any other easy fixesyour mom or grandma taught you.

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1. Wash Clothes Inside Out


Jess Catcher

Grandma knows thiswill protect any vulnerable patches, ribbons, decals, or other details on the outside from being rubbed againstby the other items in the washer, keeping them from detaching or fading away for a bit longer.

2. Zip Up Before Tossing In The Wash


Same goes with any tie strings or other fasteners that could snag on the other clothing in your load and create a rip while washing.

3. Use A Razor To Depill Fabric


Our grandmas might have used a straight razor, but a cheap disposable one will do the trick if you’re not wanting to invest in one of the more expensive fabric shaver gadgets.

4. Refresh Faded Colors


Dying or tinting your clothes might seem daunting, but it’s really a simple way to bring the dull colors back to life without spending money on a whole new item.

5. Use Glue On Pesky Holes


Grandma can tell you that usinga needle and thread on tiny snags can bring more attention to them than they would on their own, which is why using fabric glue to carefully fuse the thread together is a better solution.

6. Use A Needle To Fix Snagged Threads


This happens to me constantly when my rings catch on fabric, but all you need is a needle and spare thread totransfer the unsightly snag onto the other side of your clothing as shown in this helpful tutorial.

7. Fix Shoe Soles With A Bike Tire Repair Kit


Grandma knew the importance of being resourceful, and that included using something as simple as atire repair kit.While she may not have run to the bike store for a kit, she probably did haveequally sturdy options in the garage or tool shed that would do the same thing, rather than letting a perfectly good pair of shoes go to waste.

Simply pick the right sized tab from the kit and use the adhesive to cover up any worn areas of the shoe’s sole.

8. Rinse Workout Clothes In Vinegar


Use vinegar as a rinse on any clothes that have gotten particularly sweaty, like from working outside in the yard or just dealing with summer heat. First, make sure you’re not mixing family members’ clothing together in the wash, or youmight end up with their residual smell lingering on your clothes on top of your own.

Then toss your clothes in for a cold prerinse with one cup of white vinegar, setting the machine to “quick wash” or “rinse only.” Once the cycle is done, add your normal detergent and one cup of baking soda and wash as you regularly would. This will keep you from having to toss them out so soon!

9. Deodorize Shoes With Dryer Sheets


You can also keep your shoes around longer if you get rid of any funk by either walking around with half a sheet in each shoe, or simply placing them in before you go to bed at night and waking up to a much fresher smelling pair for your feet to enjoy the next morning.

10. Change Clothes When You Get Home


It used to be normal practice for folks to change out of their daily work gear, whether it was a suit or a uniform, and into something more relaxing as soon as they got home. Grandma can tell you all about how this not only helped them feel more comfortable while off the clock, but also kept the special duds from getting dinner stains or snags on them in the meantime.

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