10 Teachers Who Decided To Get Super Creative With Their Hall Passes

Every day, teachers know they have a battle ahead of them with students who will try every excuse to get their hands on a hall pass.

Of course, there are times when a kid might genuinely need to relieve themselves or head to the nurse. However, anyone who’s ever sat in a classroom knows there are plenty of times when students have tried to pull a fast one on the teacher.

Instructors also have to combat kids losing the hall pass along the way on top ofusing it frivolously. The teacher who solved that problem with the hall pass in number five definitely won’t have to worry about it being misplaced!

Whether they’re trying to make something too embarrassing or too cumbersome for a student to want to use unless they really,really have to, all of the hilariousideas below totally do the trick.

Are you a teacher with a creative hall pass of your own? Or do you know one who would get a chuckle out of these?

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1. Giant Bear


This might be a little awkward for those using the urinals.

2. Unbendable Board


Hopefully he has a different option for the young ladies in his class.

3. Cheese Cracker


I’m honestly impressed they managed to write even sort of legibly on this.

4. Old Computer


This would definitely make me think twice before requesting extra bathroom breaks.

5. Iron Handle


Now students can relieve themselves and get an upper body workout at the same time.

6. Giant Face


This teacher really doesn’t believe in subtlety.

7. Huge Pencil


While sharing this 6.5-foot papier-mch pass on Twitter, Mr. Graser made sure to point out that it will indeed fit inside a bathroom stall.

8. Hand Sanitizer


Well, that’s one way to encourage good hygiene.

9. Snowboard


Imagine lugging this down a long hallway when you’ve really got to go.

10. Tinkle Tray


This teacher clearly doesn’t believe in sugarcoating things.

Do you remember using any weird items for your hall pass, or know any teachers who would get a kick out of these?

Let us know in thecomments, and be sure to SHARE with your friends!

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