Woman Films Herself Trying To Work Out, But Her Jealous Dog Keeps Stealing All Her Attention

Some people love to workout, but most people (like me) find just the thought of working out… exhausting.

But imagine it: You finally mentally prepared yourself enough to make your move, youve planted your feet firmly into position, and youre ready to break that first sweat. Then just as you have your eyes have the prize in clear view, a new obstacle sneaks right underneath your plan.

Thats what Katerina Jansen ran into when she decided to work through aseries of plank challenges.

She knew it was going to be a challenge, but she had no idea her one-year-old border collie, Lava, was going to be at the center of it.

As her body is stretched into a solid plank, arms strong and face determined, a brown and white fluffball squeezes underneath her stomach, peek-a-booing out between her trembling arms.

He affectionately starts licking her drooping head, which she tries to lift out of reach, only to wind up being head-butted by her puppy.

He then flops over onto his back and puts his paws on top of her shoulders, nudging at her with his back legs as he rolls around the floor in front of her. Impressively, she continues her planking. His attempt to distract has failed!

But hes not done yet. As she continues filming her daily plank challenge, he tries every angle (literally) to try to get her attention away from her workout and back to him.

Man, if this dog was a cupcake, this would be my life. Props to Katerina for staying on target! If you know someone with a dog similar to Lava, be sure to share this video with them.

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