Get ready for chocolate bars with 40% less sugar

A Nestle factory in action.
Image: (c) Kieran Dodds 2014

The scientists working behind the scenes at Nestle to satisfy your sweet tooth have made a scientific breakthrough.

Research scientists for the Swiss chocolate maker say they’ve found a way to structure sugar differently, meaning they can use up to 40 percent less sugar in chocolate and you will still think it tastes just as sweet.

On the left regular sugar crystals dissolve in water, while on the right Nestle’s sugar structure dissolve in water much faster.

Image: nestle

The candy maker behind Kit Kat bars, Butterfingers, Rolos and the classic Oh Henry! bars says while using only natural ingredients they discovered a new way to structure sugar so it dissolves faster. The faster sugar dissolves in your mouth the more sweetness you taste, but you’re eating less actual sugar.

This sounds like good news for the company that has set goals to reduce sugar in its products and after federal nutrition guidelines have come down hard in recent years on the sweet ingredient and its lack of nutritional value.

The company is patenting the findings and plans to use the fast-dissolving sugar in its products starting in 2018. If the scientists need any help before then, we’re available for any taste-testing or deeper research.

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